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   About Affiliation  

"We want to create a revolution in the pet sitting & dog walking world that gives animal lovers the chance to look after pets as a real profession. Not just a hobby or passtime, but as a real profitable business capable of exceeding most peoples expectations. To be exceptional & provide the customers with peace of mind and the certainty that their pets are safe & well-looked after is a real privilege.  
We want people with big hearts, caring attitudes & who know what they want. We believe its less about relying on & burdening family & friends, & more about consistent & loving animal contact from a pet professional who genuinely cares - creating real emotion & real bonds. We know this can all be done, we've done it ourselves. When you put the animals first, and love your customers,  
then add in some hard work, everything else will just fall into place."  
--Yiannis Triplis, CEO of Whiskers & Tails 
From the outset, the Whiskers & Tails movement has provided an alternative from the normal solution of relying on friends or family to look after pets, or putting animals into catteries or kennels, which is often a stressful experience for the animals. 
We promote high quality & ethical care for animals, and don't settle for any less. Whiskers & Tails is not a franchise and never will be. Our affiliates are all legitimate & tested animal lovers whom we extensively assess & train before accepting them into our brand. We also use their skills to develop our name further, and give even more value to our customers nationally.  
"They use their existing skills & knowledge, combine it with our exceptional training and provide a service under the  
Whiskers & Tails name in their given location." 
The Whiskers & Tails opportunity was created by animal lovers for like minded animal lovers throughout the UK. Apply with us, tell us your licence name ie 'Whiskers & Tails WoofGang", do the training, set up a website, send us photos and you become part of the growing community of Whiskers & Tails affiliates. 
For more specific information on the affiliation process, see How to Affiliate 
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