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FAQ'S - Affiliation With Whiskers & Tails 

An affiliation with Whiskers & Tails means you become part of our team & can launch your own Whiskers & Tails brand in your own area.  
You'll get to use our name, our branding, live by our ethos & learn from our brilliant training. You'll get lots of help and support to help you along the way, and set you on your proven path to success. 
No nasty long-term contracts. No super high fees. No targets or pressure. 
You'll join the first & original opportunity of this kind in the UK.  
You'll get outstanding training & you'll also benefit from our stellar reputation within the industry. 
You'll gain extensive business & marketing knowledge and learn lots of new skills.  
As you already know, taking advice from people who've been there is a smart choice. We've been there, we've had multiple businesses in multiple industries, we've won multiple awards, & we're very unique! Join us. 
Do something you love, help others, work with animals, earn a lot of money, have a better family life, be happier, & be your own boss. 
A pet franchise will typically cost between £6000-£20,000 and you'll pay annual fees on top of this between £60-£250p/m. A franchise will have set targets for you to hit each month. They do claim to offer support & guidance however this does vary a huge amount between different franchisors. You'll also normally be tied into a 5-10 year contract. You're expected to operate within a very tight set of rules & the advantages set out are often in favour of the franchisor. 
An affiliate scheme is designed to give you greater advantages & more freedom. The costs are much less, the commitment is a rolling 1-year contract, and you still get outstanding training. After training, you're expected to go out & build your own business with all the tools we've given. We'll also give you support from time to time & to help you get to your goals as quickly as possible. 
- You must be positive & open minded 
- Keen to learn new ways of doing things 
- Able to run at things and get things done 
- Excellent organisational skills 
- Reliability is a must 
- Animal mad 
- Friendly, caring & genuinely helpful 
- Independent & hard working 
Here at Whiskers & Tails HQ we've got a great big map of all the different areas available for affiliates. Each area is capped in the amount of affiliates able to launch in that area - to avoid overcrowding & keep things fair. 
In short, you can launch your affiliate anywhere you like. 
The answer varies & really depends highly on the location & level of effort each affiliate puts in, however as a rough estimate for someone doing dog walking & pet sitting as an example based in Bedford: 
- Affiliation sign up & basic compulsory training (approx 6 weeks after initial enquiry) 
- Business launch (approx 6-12 weeks after initial enquiry) 
- £1000 profit p/m (after 6 months) 
- £1600 profit p/m (after 12 months) 
- £2500 profit p/m (after 24 months) 
- £4000 profit p/m (after 36 months) 
++++ continual growth of income thereafter 
*The numbers above are purely speculative and based on performance in Bedford. Figures are based on an a 40 hour working week year round. 
Get in touch and lets talk! Either email hello@whiskerstails.co.uk or call us on 01234 953991 
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