Whiskers & Tails Pet Sitting
Bedford: 01234 953912 

 The Benefits Of Starting A Whiskers & Tails Affiliate   

Work With Animals, Do Something You Love 

For animal lovers, the thought of working with pets on a day to day basis seems amazing! Have fun stroking cats, or chatting to dogs on your walks, or helping a customer who really needs your help. Feel valued and appreciated each & every day. Feel fantastic. 

Have Freedom, Start Living 

Let's face it, having a 'normal' job nowadays isn't that appealing. There's no such thing as safe & secure, and workers happiness levels are on a steady decline over the last decade. Doing a great job for someone else to reap all the reward is demoralising. Build your own business for you & for your family. Have control over who you work with, what work you do and how much of it you have to do. Dictate your own income. Be in charge. 

Form Strong Connections & Be fulfilled 

Being involved with animals, you cant help but become friendly with the owners. You'll make friends along the way and you'll love the animals you look after. Meaning a much happier & more fulfilled you. 

Low Cost Model 

Affiliation with Whiskers & Tails costs an initial £2497 + a £697 renewal fee per year. We're the first business opportunity of this kind to hit the UK. Prices are reviewed each quarter and are subject to increase. 

No Experience Required 

Anyone can apply to be part of our affiliate scheme. So long as you've got a great attitude, can put in hard work, and want to succeed! 

Business Training & Support 

We understand not everyone has business experience. Infact for many people, they'll be leaving paid employment to make the leap into self-employment!  
It's a big jump....but with the training & backing of people who've been there before and who've already walked the walk, you're sure to land safe. We've been there, and we'll help you through it. We'll teach your everything you need to know to really excel, and be there for you when things get tough. 
We don't hand hold, and as such, you are given the freedom to run your business exactly the way you want to. We do expect people to challenge problems head on, and get things sorted out. Be resourceful.  
You'll be part of a secret Facebook group for affiliates so you can learn and ask questions in there if required.  

Follow A Proven Model That Works 

Why recreate the wheel and take a risk doing something on your own, when you can follow someone who's already achieved the success you're after? 
Be safe. Be smart.  

Higher Earnings Than Most Competitors Or Franchisees 

After conducting our own research, Whiskers & Tails pet professionals earn on average 70% more than the most competitors.  

No Performance Targets 

We treat people like responsible adults and ultimately your success comes down to your attitude and your effort. How much you earn and the hours you work are all dictated by you. It's in our interest for you to succeed, we don't want failures! However in saying that, we won't pressurise you for not meeting a 'monthly target'. It's your business and you dictate how fast you want to go.  

Give Back To The Animal Kingdom 

We're seriously committed to improving the welfare of animals worldwide.  
As a company, we promise that we'll donate 20% of all profits made from our affiliation scheme, to animal welfare charities.  

Build An Asset & Leave a Legacy 

When you build a business, you're actually building an asset that's of great value further down the line. If you build it to a successful level, you may be able to sell it in the future if required for a high sum. For example if you need to move away or have an injury which stops you working, you can sell the business to someone else.  
Alternatively, you can build the business & have staff run it for you.  
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