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The Most Common Questions 

By Toni Wing, Pet Sitting Super Hero 
What do you do in more detail?  
If you're looking for the definition of pet sitting, and what our actual role is as pet sitters, please read my first blog which you can read here. 
a) Cats 
Cat sitting involves going to the clients home, & spending around 30minutes at the home so the cat gets plenty of love, fuss & attention. We feed them their breakfast, lunch or dinner, & make sure they are happy & healthy. We love cats (have 4 of our own – all rescued!) and will make sure that we treat them just as though they were our own. They become part of the Whiskers & Tails family. 
b) Dogs 
Dog walking or ‘let-outs’ are commonly used for when people are at work or go on holiday. We pass by your home, offer you a selection of different durations of walks (30mins, 45mins or 1 hour) and take your dog out on a lovely route in your area. We don’t drive anywhere with the dogs and we don’t multi-dog walk. One of the things that makes us unique is that we only carry out solo dog walks, meaning your dog gets 100% attention and doesn’t feel stressed in the presence of other dogs. Accidents or aggressions are more prone with dogs from different households which is why we always stick to this method meaning your dog has a much more pleasant walk.  
c) Other Bits 
Well, we of course clean up any accidents in the house, run over a hoover if necessary, water the plants or shut & close blinds etc. As well as feeding and topping up of water bowls etc. We'll have an in-depth chat beforehand to figure out exactly what you need on our visits, and we carry out what you want, 
just as you wish. 
"Fun Fact: A dog’s nose has about 4 times as many scent cells as a cat’s and 14 times more than a human’s." 
What time(s) do you visit? 
In our initial meeting, we'll discuss all your normal routines and what your pets routines are, and we schedule in the visits to suit you. From time to time we need to budge the times a little (no more than 1 hour) if there’s an unexpected traffic jam or issue – however normally we have no problems and together with you, we come to an arrangement which the pets will love. 
Where do you walk the dogs?  
We'll walk your dog in the local area & try to find peaceful spots such as parks or greens to walk in. This is something we cover in our first meeting, and we fully listen to any advice or preferences you may have. 
How does the walking service work? (solo or group, do they go in a van?) 
Many dogs get stressed when they meet others dogs and it can also get quite dangerous with leads getting tangled or dogs becoming aggressive or anxious if walking with dogs from other households. For this reason we always do solo dog walks and never share your walk. So for the time you pay, rest assured your dog will be relaxed and have 100% full attention from our pet sitter. We normally walk dogs in the local vicinity and there is no need to put the dogs in cars or vans. 
Do you come and meet us before we go ahead? What happens there? 
Both we and clients find it’s important to meet prior to carrying out any pet sitting. It gives us a chance to meet, to fully understand each other and iron out any questions, and most importantly, to meet your friendly furries and make sure they love us so they are ready for us! The meeting is completely no obligation, we are purely there to help you and give you more information, so you feel 100% comfortable with everything. 
Do you give medication to pets? 
Absolutely! We even have a diabetic cat of our own so needles & tablets are absolutely no problem at all. (Infact, we give poorly pets a little bit more love than others - but don't tell them!) 
Do you run a hoover over the place? 
We don’t mind keeping the place tidy for you. We're not cleaners - but we do keep very clean & we treat your home as if it were our own and with utmost respect. If something needs cleaning, we'll clean it. Do not worry. 
How much notice do you need? 
We don’t have a strict notice period in place as instead we opt to help people where we can as much as possible. Often, customers approach us 1 day before leaving for their holidays in a panic! Rest assured...we will always help you! Although in an ideal world 1-2 weeks notice is excellent. 
If you have any questions about our pet sitting service or if there's anything I haven't covered, please either call 01234 953912, or alternatively leave a comment below!  
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