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We're committed to helping animal charities. 10% of all profits go to animal charity's every month  

Spana is the worlds leading organisation in helping working animals. They build networks of animal hospitals & sick clinics so that when emergencies such as drought or natural disaster occurs, some relief is at hand.  
They also spend a huge amount of resources educating animal owners, children & existing veterinary professionals to enhance their practical skill-sets & views on animals. 
The work they do is truly fascinating & we are proud to be supporters of their amazing charity. 
Hillside is a UK based outstanding organisation which focuses on helping animals which have suffered or been neglected. They currently hold over 2000 animals at their sanctuary in Norfolk! 
One of the reasons animals suffer so badly is because of the lack of knowledge & awareness attached to factory farming. 
Hillside is home to over 700 horses, ponies, donkeys and mules. It's also possible to visit their sanctuary if you ever fancy a great day out! 
After many holidays to Greece and realising the plight of many animals suffering, we decided we had to take action. 
Greek Animal Rescue is a UK based registered charity (No:802243) which aims to help the abused, neglected, stray and injured animals of Greece. 
GAWF was founded in 1989 and works to alleviate the suffering of animals in Greece by supporting a number of animal shelters, sterilising as many dogs & cats as funds allow and finding homes for the lucky few in the UK and several other EU countries. 
"Dear Whiskers & Tails,  
Just a brief note, as I wanted to write personally to thank you for your most generous gift. You'll be pleased to know your donations are already at work. I've just returned from Ethiopia where we're setting up a feeding project for livestock (& donkeys of course) in the terrible drought that's the event of the century. So once again, many thanks for your generous support & all my very best wishes for the coming year.  
Yours sincerely  
Jeremy Hulme - Chief Executive Of Spana" 
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